Sunday, January 2, 2011

Flying down the waterfall at Graveyard Fields, NC

This was the best time I've ever had in the water. It was like flying down a waterfall. Close to this place, Graveyard Fields, there is a hotel called the Pisgah Inn. When you eat breakfast there are windows right next to you that you can see the tops of clouds and mountains. The water was REALLY cold!!!

Griffy's Funny Faces

Not really Lego stuff, but still funny.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Bad Guy in Town

This is a tow truck, and it's a bad guy one. That is a bad guy troll. The pike is shooting.

He shot the pike at a window so he could climb through it and steal all the stuff from the jewelry store.

There is a trap on the back. The trap is: when he is flying through the air with his jet engines, he can grab onto a cliff with his hook and climb up the rope. (Mommy: "But that's not a trap." Simon: "Wait for it.") Also he can trip other lego men with the hook.

Those are my Dad's fingers and he is turning that wheel so you can see that the hook can unwind. I asked my Dad to do that because I was taking the picture. See the things sticking out in the back? Those are the jet engines. The End.
- Simon

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Alligator Attack

This is a fort on the ocean. See the person diving into the ocean? He is going to dive in to go kill the alligator in the wave.

The alligator is opening his mouth because he's heading right toward a person.

The monkey is trying to climb up the wall to get away from the alligator. The alligator smells the monkey and the people. Do you know how the monkey is hanging onto the wall? There's a rubber band there.

You can see the diving lego man has a gun. He can swim. (Griffin: The guy in the jail is hiding from the alligator.) That guy in the jail is afraid of the alligator. He is putting his hands up because he wants to fly away, but he can't.

- Simon

To Ms. Anne, Griffin says: Thank you for giving me these legos. We took the pirate fort apart and made this- we put some Lego Atlantis and Toy Story pieces in it too. I'm glad you gave me the pirate lego set. It was fun to pick it out on the website. There's a little hand thing on the cannon and we put dynamite on it. Thank you.
- Griffin

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Awesome LEGO Store

This is at the LEGO store. We are standing next to the LEGO sarcophagus that someone made. Isn't it awesome?

We went to the LEGO store to do the mini-build. The mini-build was a tiny, tiny grill with a burger on top.

There's a table with LEGOs in the boxes on it. The papers on the table have numbers that show how many of that type of LEGO to get. Then you go over to another table and an instructor there tells you how to build whatever you are building that day- a chick, watermelon slice, snowman, rose, grill or whatever the mini-build is that month.

This is us building the grill for the month of June.


Someone built this sculpture of Darth Vader. It is pretty awesome. He even has a light saber, but the light saber is not made of LEGOs.

This is a little LEGO kid sculpture. Someone made it. His head is turned to the side. There's all sorts of neat LEGO sets at the LEGO store. There's even foam swords and shields. We like to visit the store. The next mini-build will be a watermelon slice.

- Simon & Griffin

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yellow Submarine

This is my favorite lego video.
- Griffin

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lego Man Juggling

The lego man is juggling, and they're apples. Our cousin Dashi traded this lego man to us. He has blue pants you can see. My brother Simon, he said I couldn't play with him but I played with him anyway. The lego man juggling was my idea.
- Griffin